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Healthy Spine, Healing Life

"Breath is the midwife of change, growth and depth for our own personal inward evolution, revolution."

I am so excited about this interview that I had with Moon Healing Studio's practice member, Tracy Browne. She is a friend first, actually my first friend in the community that we live in, on the Divide. I am so grateful for her and her family. There have been so many wonderful things that have transpired over this year and care in the studio is absolutely one of them.

How long have you been in care for?

I have been in care since Jan 2020

What was your ‘why’ for initially starting care?

First, I was curious about what it was that my friend was up to. I also wanted to experience what it is that you (Melissa Moon) do. I wanted help to see the future with more ease, to set better goals with a clearer mind to find my path. There was potential growth for all of that in my life.

How has your experience of care been over the last, almost year of time?

Care has been an opportunity for me to take a pause in the day, to relax and focus on breath while on the table. I look forward to the peace that I receive when I am in the office. My body craves the parasympathetic nervous system feeling and seeks it out. My body wants to be there. I love to go to help my body remember these things.

Where do you see the most growth?

I see the most growth in my mind and emotions. They are calmer, clearer and more focused. Less fear. Less anxiety. More presence and ability to get back to the recognition when I am out of balance. Awareness of where you are at in the moment. The presence is the thing that allowed me to move forward with my horse and kids.