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The Sacred Business:

90 Day Divine Blueprint for Professional Empowerment

Welcome! I'm Melissa

 I help entrepreneurs who are ready to take inspired action to achieve personal and professional success, so they can be financially and spiritually empowered, while embracing their gifts of service. 

Empowered Entrepreneurs know the value of having incredible self care habits because...

You want a clear path forward to thrive in business, but also thrive in every aspect of your life

You want to leverage your wisdom and experience 

You strive to increase revenues and make an impact...that matches your unique vibe

You hope to embody the sacred CEO- becoming a NEW kind of Leader

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The Life of an Entrepreneur can be Mind, Body & Soul sucking.

You are not alone in this.


Successful Entrepreneurs are deliberate in their self-care, because they recognize that their internal world, reflects their outer world experience. 


Here is a very short list, of extremely successful female entrepreneurs, that see the value in the sacred time they need, so that they can be full on where it counts the most...

Nikki Pryce, author & speaker, has a meditation practice to start & end her day to make sure she pours back into herself in ways that are truly meaningful. 

Ginni Saraswati, owner of podcasting company Ginni Media, writes in a gratitude journal and meditates every morning, which gives her energy to exercise and move her body.

Jackie Nguyen, restaurant owner, take the time to schedule in her therapy sessions, whether it is with a professional or walk around her favorite store, sipping a nourishing smoothie.

It is so incredible to see and witness high performers, such as these women, who know how to "sharpen the saw." Creating habits and mindful practices for personal, and professional, success that include taking time away from work to recharge and refresh.


There is no way to continually operate your business at a high level if you find yourself working 100% of the time. It's not sustainable, it's unhealthy and can absolutely lead to burn out. 

It's not about working harder or longer hours, it's about working smarter and better. When you can continually refresh your mind and body, that will be a key component to an empowered business and life. 

Optimizing your health, optimizes your wealth.

Evolutionary Personal Care

So let me guess....

You need the skill and clarity to optimize your decision making abilities.

You let fears and anxiety get the best of you, taking away the joy of doing the work you feel meant for. 

If so, you are not alone.

Indecision and lack of boundaries are making  you feel unsuccessfully stuck. 

You're searching for more self love,  compassion and mental health management . 

You are READY to trust your gut and make the best decision's for your business and life. 

How would you feel if…?


You were dropped in the middle of a dense forest.

Unknown territory.

It's just you.

You find yourself all alone.


The terrain is stunningly beautiful,

filling you full of wonder.

Rays of sunshine stream through the canopy of the tall trees. A quiet hush wraps around you 

a faintness of a bird song in the distance.


This moment is exhilarating 

and intimidating

at the same time.


Placing your hand on your inner heart you ask yourself, "Where am I headed?

What direction do I take?

Are there any clues to guide me through?"


You look down in your hand,

weighted with a brass compass rose.

A wave of relief 

Renews your energy 

Enhances your focus

You choose a clear direction and GO.


With the right tools in your hand and trust in your gut, you know where you are headed. There is no doubt that you can stay the path and find your way through.


Taking each step, with inner strength and personal power, feeling something sacred as you navigate these woods with curiosity.

The Sacred Business Mentorship is a coaching experience for the Soul Aligned Entrepreneur who is stepping into FULL POWER and FOCUS - In Business and Life.


Looking to Find, Feel and Pay Attention on that divinely aligned path through the dense landscape of owning, operating and thriving in your sacred business.

I’ve been where you are, and I also know what is possible.


I went from feeling so lost in woods, with how I was running my business and life.


With a shift of perspective & energy, from the inside out, did I find myself on a clear path forward towards achievement.



"Coaching with Melissa has been a huge eye opener and has given me clarity I've been wanting and working so hard for. I was really able to get connected and grounded with myself and make some crazy improvements with the way that I handle my life's challenges. Nothing but positive things to say about the coaching: more aware, more present, present enough to sit back and breathe. I was able to accomplish big hurdles in ALL aspects of my life."

-Anna M., Auburn CA

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Moon Healing Studio is a place of calm, restoring energy where you can be your authentic self. Melissa is a healing magician. Her work is life changing. I am fortunate to call Melissa a dear friend and blessed to have experienced the benefits of her powerful energy. I have strengthened my own body wisdom, allowed for more self compassion, and most importantly stepped into my coat of Confidence ✨ to recognize only a few results. I am thankful for innovative leaders like Melissa for paving the way and sharing their incredible gifts! You are gem! Thank you 💜 

Jaime F, 7/2020

Integral Neurology


  • You are sick and tired of that lost feeling you have in your business, so let's optimize your systems for a smooth ride.

  • Need a proven roadmap to create a business that is focused and aligned with your values.

  • Desire to be back in the driver’s seat of your life with a renewed sense of clarity and direction in where you are headed professionally. 

  • You are ready to reprogram your nervous system and excel at being more productive, creative and problem solving.​

  • Be so HEALTHY that you have all the energy you need at negotiating life's unpredictability and variety with ease.

Vital Life Coaching



I help entrepreneurs who are ready to take inspired action to achieve personal and professional success, so they can be financially and spiritually empowered, while embracing their gifts of service.

I will also teach you how easy it is to pay attention to your inner wisdom and innate intelligence that is there for YOU, YOUR LIFE and THOSE YOU SERVE, so that you can make the best decisions in running your business. 

I break it all down so that the process is overflowing with safety, ease and grace to get you connected to everything that matter the most when it comes to your success.


Melissa is a natural healer. Her beautiful space, calming energy, and precise ability to see you clearly, will guide you into the deepest part of yourself. You'll leave her space feeling more grounded, present and safe in the body you have. Working with Melissa gave me an incredible sense of inner peace which positively influenced my family, my work life and my world. I highly recommend working with her for a direct and potent route to healing.

Erin Alexander, 2/2020

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Melissa, besides having a great name, runs an excellent studio. Everything is clean and professional, she is very comfortable to be around.
I thought I would receive physical healing but I released emotion in big ways. It was unexpected and very powerful. I'm so grateful she was part of my healing team I didn't know how desperate I needed.
Thank you for doing what you do. You change lives 💜

Melissa Ann Scharlach, 7/2020

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A proven, result driven program…


Element 1: Cosmic Connections

There are many facets that create the brilliance of who it is you are and how you show up in the world. Diving into your Astrology, Human Design and DISC Style (plus a few more facets) will give you greater insight into WHO you are as a divine Human BEing and how to best utilize your sacred timing of being in this world, so that you can clearly understand and utilize your unique strengths.

Element 2: Find It

What is it that you don’t want? What is it that you do want? What is your essence, your light of who it is you ARE? Let's figure out where your true north is pointing, so that you create an unwavering trust in your own internal guidance and wisdom to make decisions.

Element 3: Feel It

What is it that you want to create? What is your earth moving, fully aligned and connected reason WHY you want to thrive professionally and personally? Put your imagination in full swing and let’s figure out the blueprint to your success.

Element 4: Heal It

Embrace Your Shadow and the self-limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that hold you back or sabotage your efforts. Inner Child & Shadow work sheds light on how we limit ourselves. Understanding this is a vital piece of the blueprint, so that we can create a new safer, foundation in how you experience your life.


Element 5: Act on It

It's time to put your dreams out there. Think about what you want to accomplish and enjoy the new energy and inspire action. This goal-oriented piece of your blueprint will invigorate and surprise you.

The 90 Day Program Includes:

  • Embodiment & Breathwork Skills

  • 9 One on One 45 min Coaching Sessions (3 weeks on, 1 week off)

  • Voxer Support

  • Alignment for Life Workbook

  • Specialized Handouts for Mindset Practice

  • Optional Add On - 5-hour VIP Day to Dive Deeper into Developing Your Business Strategies


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"I love Melissa's work. My body looks forward to our sessions each week. 


Melissa offers a clear and directive container for breath to inhabit my body more fully, gently challenging it to expand beyond its typical patterns. 


Our time together offers sacred time with my body, and the effect is a powerful energetic shift of my entire system.  


Entrainments are coaching my mind to coordinate with my body and breath in new ways that empower me to channel prana with purpose and direction throughout my body.  This is life force education, and breath is the most powerful bridge for it."


Andrea Spacek, Transformational Coach 12/2020



Melissa Moon, the owner of Moon Healing Studio, has created a safe, healing space for individuals to come together collectively in finding their own unique path to health and wholeness. Conscious, healing breath offers the opportunity for greater connection within one’s own body, mind and Soul. This work encourages that all people can create deeper love and compassion on the inside, so that it can be expressed and shared locally and globally.

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