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Your Body is SMART AF

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us give credit where credit is due.

Your body is SmART as Fuck!

Your body is a self-organizing evolving creation.

Your nervous system is the interface between what you are, your physical body and extension into your environment.

Your nervous system coordinates the organization of your body.

Thermatic level of organization of your nervous system is in relationship to how you interact and experience the world.

Your body wants you to have the skills and strategies for dropping tension.

Processing life with less force, more ease. Being intimate with FLOW.

How you interact (behave) & experience the world greatly influences your quality of life.

Nurturing this connection to your body wisdom is primary to healing.

What is the tension and stress that we are feeling? Stress and tension can come from physical, emotional and/ or chemical stressors throughout everyday life experiences & habits. This is actually bound tension and energy that stores in the body.

There are so many good reasons for this neurological occurrence and it all swirls around keeping you SAFE AF.

The problem with chronic states of fight or flight/ tension/ stress, is that the body begins to build and hold on to this tension. It then presents in your body by lack of movement, you feel heavier, you feel blocked, and you’re not even able to breath freely.

This chronic state is a quick way to be ILLNESS in your life.

The ability to listen to your wisdom is first to create clarity in your neurology. Drop the tension. Clean up the distortion. Find resolution in all the parts of yourself that are holding tightly. Moving into greater WELLNESS.

And most importantly, to feel safe, connected, and trust that you are capable of more ease, flow and wisdom.

Good research shows that people who listen to their body wisdom have a significantly higher quality of life than those who don't listen to their body.

SO....How are you doing, really? How well are you hearing your inner wisdom?

ELAN entrainments will gently, safely and effectively teach your neurology, and body, how to drop tension and stress. I can see this by the mere presence of your breath in your body.

You first must unlearn, to relearn.... It takes time, consistency and a willingness.

That is what I am here for. That is why I show up.

My name is Melissa Moon and I am an ELAN Healing Facilitator & Embodiment Expert. Learning more about ELAN can be found at Click the icon to Schedule your Free Consultation to explore what ELAN can offer for your optimal health, healing and wellness.


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