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Moon Healing Studio - Speaking, Trainings & Events

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Melissa Moon is an ELAN Healing Facilitator and Intuitive Energy Coach. She brings a special element when she is working with the physical and energy body. Her education, personal healing journey and lifelong desire to learn about what makes us human offers a unique perspective about life. She desires to help and educate as many people as possible.

Specifically, here are a few of Melissa's topic areas that could benefit your audience:

  • Topic area 1: Why light touch to the skin overlying the spine creates better health and healing

  • Topic area 2: Personal development and growth with greater body wisdom

  • Topic area 3: Parenting, Home Birth, the Mixed & Modern Family, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Figuring out that I excel in me health on a Carnivore way of eating

  • Topic area 4: Why physical symptoms are an alarm clock for you to take a hard look at your life

  • Topic area 5: Breathing, Focus and Movement are the three keys’ to healing

  • Topic area 6: How the shape, tone and tension of your body reflects the shape, tone and tension of your life

  • Topic area 7: Teaching Basic Breathwork Skills and Strategies to effectively lower stress, reduce levels of anxiety and implement real time nervous system regulation for optimal health

Workplace Wellness Workshops: Inspiring Mindfulness, Self-Reflection & Creativity

Speaking and Trainings are catered, and specifically g

eared, towards your professional group. This includes team building and learning new skills for greater health, productivity, creativity and connection with your peers and those you serve.

Special Events that Melissa is Available for: Retreats, Workshops and Private Events of 4 or more.

All Inquiries please reach out at

"I love when a group can come together and experience a profound energetic shift. There is magic and medicine in the community experience." - Melissa Moon


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