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The Healed Entrepreneur

How can a normal day feel so sullen? The energy waxed and waned, with glimpses of optimism, and a descending pressure that left my spirit but a mere flicker. She wanted to burn brightly but found herself adrift. There wasn’t anything to pin it on, maybe that full moon in Leo, either way…it just was. Surrender was the only option.

As an entrepreneur and healing facilitator, there is a considerable amount to connect to and release from. There are so many opportunities to create new structures that stretch into graceful transformation. Magical serendipity finds you in the most unlikely places and faces. Cycling in and out of the ordinary, into the extraordinary, can only be encountered with a dynamic, versatile nervous system. Thank goodness for excellent bodymind skills.

A quiet walk gives space to reflect upon it all.

Getting new business can feel like such a hurdle to jump over. Maintaining and achieving monthly energetic goals can be quite the mind cluck. I know my minimums and non negotiables, but when the path forward doesn’t look clear… then what? You have to release the hold and be in trust, faith,

breath, and ease. That needs to be the focus.

My mind will go to the things that I need to fix, or heal from, to be in more alignment. The promise of alignment is flow…

unimpeded, juicy flow. My alignment in what I do, how I do it, how I feel about it all can only bring that. So what if you feel in alignment and that flow doesn’t seem to match? What you think should be happening is just a fantasy in your head.

On this day, that left me feeling funky, I decided…nay, I declared that “I AM HEALED”.

There is nothing more

to do. I don’t need to be stuck in this perpetual reaching and extending, to grasp onto something that I already have. I just need to decide. Reflecting back on where I have been and have come from… I have done the work. I don’t turn my back on it, but the energy I have around it is most likely that block I have been feeling.

When we are on a conscious healing journey, in business and life, our focus can become narrow. We forget to take off the blinders and simply enjoy the rest of the view. How about we take a moment and del