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She's a God Podcast

When it comes to holistic healing, I am game to try anything.

I am fascinated by all of the beautiful modalities, techniques, and systems that help people heal naturally.

This is why I had to interview Embodiment Expert and E.L.A.N. Healing Facilitator, Melissa Moon about this next level (slightly underground) holistic technique called E.L.A.N.

E.L.A.N. stands for Extraordinary Living through Advanced Neurology. E.L.A.N. integrates light touch, breath, and verbal encouragement into a practice of centering, releasing, focusing, and healing.

This unique system utilizes your breath, focus, movement, and presence in the body integrated by light touch on the skin overlying the spine ultimately developing a nervous system that has a greater sense of clarity and responsiveness to life.

We discuss all things E.L.A.N. and Melissa's journey to finding this potent and life-changing system in this episode! Let's dive in!

Click to Listen to my conversation with Jen

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