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How to BE in times of Uncertainty

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Identity of who you are can be wrapped up in many aspects of your life. A big one for people is the job that they do. They Have the job in a society that can shape the the thing that they Do. Having the job and Doing the work equates to the person who they are Being. This is huge for most people. I AM the waiter. I AM the therapist. I AM the teacher. I AM who it is that I do for money. Value and worth get wrapped up in the position that we choose to occupy in this world.

Yes I am a healing facilitator for health and wellbeing of the nervous system, but that is not my identity. There is a difference.

Now that most people are stuck at home jobless or asked to take on positions that they are unqualified for, probably has a person scratching their head as to what kind of person they are, without the actual work to reflect back and solidify the experience. Are you just the lawyer or the school bus driver? Yes it consumes the majority of your life but is that really you? These are bigger questions than most are wanting to face and confront.

I do my work because it is my community service and passion in life. I do not define myself, into any type of pigeon hole, of what it is that I think that I do. As a practice member myself of ELAN (extraordinary living advanced neurology), I have the skills to dive to greater depths of who it is I am. It is greater than the job, the house, the childrearing, the group I hang with, the yoga I do or the God that I pray to. My connection to who I AM is the version of the person that I aspire to BE. So during times of uncertainty I can count on finding and staying connected to my overall BEING.

So, I encourage you to ask yourself... are you lost in this these moments because you don't have anything to identify yourself to? Is your job now gone? Are you not that person any longer since it has fallen away? Could you possibly fill in the gaps? Filling the empty space, that was being filled by trying to Have and Do to be the person you think you are?

Maybe be willing to fill the empty spaces more of you?

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