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Breathing in your Biome

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

I went on a run this morning.

As I ran, my feet alternating from dirt to pavement, I took notice of what I was breathing. What surrounded me at that very moment? I could hear flowing water and wind gently rustle the treetops. I could smell the bark in the cool early morning. My eye kept finding neon orange tiger lilies tucked amid the infinite colors of green forest underbrush. Purple blue chicory make a sea of flowers hugging the busy roadside. The dirt along my chosen path was soft padding under my overworked Converse soles.

As my lungs expand, drawing breath in, I am exchanging an endless stream of information between my body and my environment. Life keeps leading me back to ‘breathing your biome’. The act of breathing is involuntary and essential to keep us alive. The exchange needs to happen, so the body can work. Voluntary breathing is quite different. You can utilize conscious breath for healing inside of your body. A chance to turn your focus from outside to inside. People in care get off the table and say to me, “Wow. I have never thought to use my breath and breathe in this way.”

We use inward focus and breath to enter parts of yourself that may be dark, no access. The breath inside is light. You use this light to illuminate the dark parts of yourself, whether there are lungs in that part of your body or not.

✨Mindset Re-patterning/ Retraining the Nervous System ✨Subconscious awareness ✨Getting clear on goals ✨Accessing Accountability Within ✨Intimacy Fear

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