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The Sacred Business: Helping You Become a Holistic Entrepreneur

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Drop yourself in the middle of a dense forest. It's just you. You find yourself all alone.

The terrain is beautiful, filling you full of wonder. Rays of sunshine stream through the canopy of the tall trees. A quiet hush wraps around you, but you can still hear a faintness of a bird song in the distance. This moment is exhilarating and intimidating at the same time.

Placing your hand on your inner heart you ask yourself, "Where am I headed? What direction do I take? Are there any clues to guide me through the layers of the landscape?"

You look down in your hand, which is now holding a heavy, brass compass rose. This essential tool hits your body with a wave of relief. It renews your energy and enhances your focus. You get to choose a clear direction and GO.

With the right tools in your hand and trust in your gut, you know where you are headed. There is no doubt that you can stay the path and find your way through.

Taking each step, with inner strength and personal power, feeling something sacred as you navigate these woods with curiosity,

Why The Sacred Business?

The Sacred Business Mentorship is a coaching experience for the Soul Aligned Entrepreneur who is stepping into FULL POWER and FOCUS - In Business and Life.

Looking to Find, Feel and Pay Attention on the soul aligned path through the dense landscape of owning, operating and thriving in your sacred business.

I help entrepreneurs who are ready to take inspired action to achieve personal and professional success, so they can be financially and spiritually empowered, while embracing their gifts of service.

What can you expect by working together?

Element 1: Cosmic Connections

There are many facets that create the brilliance of who it is you are and how you show up in the world. Diving into your Astrology, Human Design and DISC Style (plus a few more facets) will give you greater insight into WHO you are as a divine Human BEing and how to best utilize your sacred timing of being in this world, so that you can clearly understand and utilize your unique strengths.

Element 2: Find It

What is it that you don’t want? What is it that you do want? What is your essence, your light of who it is you ARE? Let's figure out where your true north is pointing, so that you create an unwavering trust in your own internal guidance and wisdom to make decisions.

Element 3: Feel It

What is it that you want to create? What is your earth moving, fully aligned and connected reason WHY you want to thrive professionally and personally? Put your imagination in full swing and let’s figure out the blueprint to your success.

Element 4: Heal It

Embrace Your Shadow and the self-limiting beliefs, habits and patterns that hold you back or sabotage your efforts. Inner Child & Shadow work sheds light on how we limit ourselves. Understanding this is a vital piece of the blueprint, so that we can create a new safer, foundation in how you experience your life.

Element 5: Act on It

It's time to put your dreams out there. Think about what you want to accomplish and enjoy the new energy and inspire action. This goal-oriented piece of your blueprint will invigorate and surprise you.

The 6 month Immersion Includes:

  • One on One Consultation to gather a holistic look into your body, mind and business

  • Weekly Embodiment Sessions

  • Bi Monthly Group Coaching to check in, Q&A discussions and Hands on Experience- Virtual & In Person

  • Ongoing support through Voxer (app)

  • Alignment for Life: 40 pg. Workbook

  • Level 1 EPC Video Series Access - Breathwork Skills

  • One on One Progress Assessments

  • Specialized Handouts for Mindset Practice

  • Optional Add On - Level 1 EPC Breathwork Practitioner Certification

As we construct your divine blueprint for business and life, you will learn...

Excellent embodiment & breathwork skills in order to tap into your wisdom and intuition while navigating together. Getting connected, clearly within, will give you an incredible advantage to knowing your next steps to take in creating a vital connection to your business, your health and yourself.

What is your Primary Aim in business and life?

You need to know where you are headed with as much clarity as possible. The Sacred Business Blueprint will help you shift your perspective in the best way possible.

Discover where you need to make the changes to live YOUR life and GROW your business authentically.

- Feel Motivated and Get on Track

- Create Ease and Excitement

- Identify Energy Leaks

- Create New Healthy Flow

Let's roll out your divine blueprint and dive deep into it.

This coaching is for those eager for real change.

This work can be done over the phone or in person.

The time is NOW. Take action today and reach out Discovery Call at

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