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Your Body is Keeping the Score (even if you aren't)

As we go through the experience of living our life, we ride the waves of the hours, days, weeks, and years. There are many up/ highs which are accompanied by downs/ lows. As we dip below the safety line, we go into defense and can somaticize (hold the unprocessed energy in our physiology) the energy of the events that have taken place.

Over time, if we don't have the skills to upload/ digest that energy in the body, it starts to create defense physiology. We are then holding our bodies tight and they don't feel safe enough to let go. We then have to teach the body, neurologically, that it is safe and that it can safely feel to move it through.

Awareness around the signals our bodies are sending us is key to Finding It, Feeling It, Paying Attention to It, so that we can take the necessary steps to Heal It. There are some common signals in how trauma shows up in the body....

Nurture Yourself Through Change
  • Chronic Pain: When trauma remains unresolved, it can result in chronic pain as a result of heightened and prolonged tension, as well as increased inflammation. Another contributing factor could be the prolonged overactivity of the nervous system, which leads to central pain sensitization. This occurs when the nervous system remains in a constant state of heightened alertness.

  • Dysfunctional Breathing Patterns: Dysfunctional breathing refers to the act of excessively inhaling and exhaling air in a speedy manner. This can also manifest as shallow breathing, where the full capacity of our lungs isn't utilized due to our body being in a defensive position. As an example, attempt taking a deep breath while keeping your shoulders rolled forward. Some individuals might encounter symptoms such as chest pain, tingling sensations in their fingertips and around the mouth, alongside feelings of panic.

  • Sleep disturbances: When your nervous system is in a state of fight or flight, it triggers heightened alertness and overstimulation due to the release of adrenaline. These physiological responses are commonly associated with the body's trauma response, often leading to difficulties with sleep, such as trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Consequently, the natural sleep cycles become disrupted for individuals who have experienced trauma.

  • Gastrointestinal issues: Are you constantly experiencing bloating, regardless of how healthy or clean your diet is? Research has established a clear connection between trauma and stress, and how they can directly trigger or exacerbate symptoms in various chronic digestive disorders.

Just know that there is hope! To find peaceful resolution if you are connecting with any of the above information. Please know that there are gentle, safe and effective ways to shift your experience, improve your health and live a life that is vital & well.

That first step is initiating body centered safety, so that the structure, physiologically, can start to relax. ELAN Healing Systems is an ideal healing modality in helping guide you through this. As we use ancient healing techniques, such as breathwork, meditation and healing touch, it begins to reorganize the nervous system in a way that truly honors your personal journey. Getting into the nervous system is key to guide you into resolution.


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