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Who am I to BE?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

My own personal journey is a familiar one of growth and change. I am not unique when it comes to human struggles and adversity. My body hurts from time to time. I make mistakes. I have had to learn the hard way. I have destroyed all that I thought I knew what was to be true. I have endured the fires of transformation. My body had given me a physical manifestation wake up call that I couldn’t ignore. In 2012, I was led into an office that began to teach me about the ease and grace we can find throughout our adventures of living. An opportunity to be present and responsible for my healing.  A healing modality that gave me the tools to start asking better questions as my life continues to unfold, which doesn’t stop for anyone. As I became more connected in my body, I discovered more about the person I wanted to BE with clarity and personal power that came from inside. The version of myself that can enjoy every up and down that life has to offer.

From there I have embraced being the healer, the leader, the teacher and the student.

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