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Stress is Toxic for Humans...


So how are you.... really? Are you ready to be healthier?

Reducing stress in your life is necessary to optimize your overall health and wellbeing.

Excessive amounts of stress will ultimately hinder and hamper our ability to learn from our environment. Driving down our capabilities to be creative, productive and excellent problem solvers in our everyday life.

Our intelligence as humans is highly influenced by the effects of stress and how the body is able to deal with it. It can be felt all throughout the body, even into cells, organs and how our DNA is expressed. This is confirmed by the studies of Epigenetics.

Our human bodies are intelligent and want to express that intelligence to its fullest. We have a responsibility to empower ourselves and each other to be less stressed and exercise our innate intelligence.

There are always opportunities to learn from for all of us, at all moments. Though if you are existing in an environment or mental mindset that is keeping your body in a heighten state of stress, then it is extremely difficult to feel safe, grow, evolve and embrace your inherent intelligence to thrive.

We all experience stress – yet we may experience it in very different ways.

We can classify stress in a few ways...

Eustress: the stress of a positive change, like a new baby, or job, or move to somewhere you love and have been dreaming of living

Distress: occurring in response to a “dangerous” situation that elicits a healthy fight or flight response like defending yourself if a burglar breaks into your house

Chronic: a habitual stress that occurs for 21 days or more in response to relationship dynamics, life circumstances or events, etc.

What is stress?

Stress is emotional/ physical tension or mental strain such as looping thoughts, overwhelm, daily work and societal pressures.

Chronic high levels of stress can lead to

anxiety, depression, low sex drive, irritability,

angry outbursts, memory and concentration issues, insomnia,

digestive issues, compulsive behavior,

decreased immune system,

higher levels of inflammation,

impaired healing of the body and more.

Stress is essentially low-grade trauma and if you are on high alert consciously, or subconsciously, for over 14 days then your health will suffer.

Addressing the stress

Our nervous system holds the key to processing and addressing the stress.

We can choose to avoid, alter, adapt or accept the stressor.

When stressors are chronic and habitual this may be easier said than done, because our nervous system, body, and mind, are now wired up with the stresses,


can cause us to feel stuck in them.

Our nervous system may not be dynamic enough to avoid, alter, adapt, or accept the stressor.

ELAN retrains you and your nervous system to get off of the stress merry go round and creates flexibility of focus to keep the tension dropping from the system.

When stress is no longer taking up excess space in our mind, body, & nervous system we will then have the freedom to make different decisions, alter, adapt, or accept the stresses in our lives with a new perspective and sense of spaciousness within.

You are a human in PROCESS and you are always learning, always developing, always tapping into your neuroplasticity and looking for ways to grow and evolve. That can be a challenge if you can't seem to shake the stress out of your body.

My hope and gift to the world is to help guide others towards a growth mindset and that first step is letting that stress melt away.

Enjoy this little moment by the river to remind you of the gentle flow that is always ready for us.

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