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Gems in the Dirt

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There is a patch of dirt, that exists below my decking, that gives me the most beautiful, tiny quartz clusters. I have lived at my house for 6 years at this point. When I venture off into the backyard, I have made many a detour underneath the deck. I know exactly where to find my hidden treasures nestled on the surface of the red clay dirt mixed with the blue hues of serpentine. Over the years I have consistently pulled gems from this tiny piece of real estate. When you think that a spot is picked clean, how could it possibly produce another quartz cluster… magically they appear. It brings me so much joy and great insights in areas that have been worked, examined, shuffled with your feet, kicking over dirt that has been thoroughly inspected; only to find more. Just as magnificent as the last.

The soil is the medium between two worlds, a hidden and exposed domain. Even when you think that you have explored such familiar terrain, can you be surprised by constant uncovering of yourself?

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