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enjoy the peace of your inner sanctuary.

Moon Healing Studio is a practice that helps you retrain your nervous system as a means to guide you away from pain, stress and tension and into a life of greater peace, harmony and ease . 

it's common to not feel well...

Our mind and body are deeply connected. When we're out of sync, we can suffer from symptoms that tell us we have a problem. Without getting help, we can continue to live a less enjoyable life and waste precious time:   therapy

Our Practices help you feel better in your body and in your life.

Physical Well Being

91.3% of Practice Members have had significant physical changes:

  • Less Pain

  • Less Headaches

  • Less Fatigue

  • Less Stiffness

Mental & Emotional Well Being

87% of Practice Members have had significant changes mentally and emotionally.

  • Less critical feelings towards self

  • Greater acceptance of others

  • Decreased experience of fear

  • Less Anxiety

  • Less frequent moodiness

Life Enjoyment

82.6% of Practice Members have transformed their life and are having a significantly better life.

  • Increased positive feelings about their self

  • Greater confidence

  • Greater experience of relaxation

  • More Ease / Enhanced experiences of well being

we understand that you might need a little help. we're here to guide you, authentically.

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Moon Healing Studio is a place of calm, restoring energy where you can be your authentic self. Melissa is a healing magician. Her work is life changing. I am fortunate to call Melissa a dear friend and blessed to have experienced the benefits of her powerful energy. I have strengthened my own body wisdom, allowed for more self compassion, and most importantly stepped into my coat of Confidence ✨ to recognize only a few results. I am thankful for innovative leaders like Melissa for paving the way and sharing their incredible gifts! You are gem! Thank you 💜 

- Jamie Foehr

our healing process 


Free Consultation

An in-person appointment to talk about health, healing and wellness in your life and how you'd like to improve.


Neurological Exam & Report of Findings

We perform an structured exam on your state of wellness, report the findings and recommend a care plan. 


Enjoy Peace and Ease Again

As we move through care together you will develop the awareness and skills necessary to keep your nervous system in a state of wellness.

how our care works

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We're confident that you will find benefit from working with us. Here's what we'll be practicing.

Kundalini Yoga Outside
Image by Elly Johnson

Breathing Techniques

Playing with Fidget Spinner


Body Awareness

Meditating on Beach


Sensory Acuity

Fist Pound



beginners meditation guide

We've put together a free video to help you try your first guided meditation with us. Enjoy it on your own time, from the comfort of your home.

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 My name is Melissa Moon. I am an ELAN Healing Facilitator & Reiki Practitioner. My personal story of despair, illness and a call to know more about who it is I AM, has led me down the path of healing that I share with others on a daily basis. There is nothing more empowering than trusting your innate intelligence and body wisdom to create abundance, health and wealth. We all have the capacity to make real change, from the inside out, and to be empowered on this unique human journey.


I know what is possible. I have seen things shift, change and grow in my own life and in the lives of others. When we start to care for the whole Being with certainty, presence, unconditional love and gratitude, be ready and expect miracles. Somatic awareness, neurologically retraining our patterns and being met, exactly where a person is, is the most profound experience for lasting changes. Creating skills that are set for life, for immense changes. The goal is to make the ride silky smooth, and fun, along the way.


I am human, just like you. I am a mother of two daughters. I choose to have them both at home, with a midwife, and embrace a holistic upbringing. I am a wife. I enjoy spending time with my family and creating memories. Being connected to nature and unplugging is an important part of how I operate. I am extremely loyal to those I love. My body has taken me on long runs, pushing me to my growth edges, and I love to lift heavy things. I enjoy my hands in the dirt and taking naps in the sun. Life is quite the adventure, which I try to soak up every moment.

Contact us

 Thanks for submitting! I look forward to connecting with you. 

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