Evolutionary Personal Care 

All You Need

This work can be done in a group setting or one-on-one. In person or in a digital setting. 

Pricing: Private one on one session 45 minutes $50 

              Group of 5 or more $20/ per person

Integral Neurology

Healthy Living

This work is performed at the studio with regular visits for a healthy spine

Initial Consult: Complimentary 

Assessment: $75

Re-Assessments: $40

Entrainment: $45

Entrainment for Children, Seniors (65+): $30


Starter ~ 30 Entrainments: $1,260

Small ~ 60 Entrainments: $2,400

Medium ~100 Entrainments: $3,600

Large ~150 Entrainments: $4,800

Child/ Senior (70+) ~ 100 Entrainments: $2,500 

Vital Life Coaching

Health Begins Here

What is your Primary Aim in life? Let's find out your purpose and dive deep into it. This coaching is for those eager for real change. This work can be done over the phone, Zoom or In person. There will be work for you and three 45- 60 minute coaching sessions. 
Price: $300


Self Care for All

Reiki energy healing, hands on/off healing, promotes deep relaxation that gives your body the opportunity to heal on many levels. Traditional Japanese Reiki sessions help to promote wellness and stems from a spiritual practice on the Reiki practitioners part. It can be performed on oneself, on another person or child, or on pets, plants, food, medicine, or practically anything around you. Hands may be placed on or slightly above the recipient in various positions. This is a beautiful self care practice that calms the nervous system and a facet holistic healthcare 

Reiki healing sessions have been shown to ease pain, promote a healthy nervous system, anxiety and depression relief and decrease muscle tension. 

60 minute Sessions ~ $85

Child (12 and under) 30 min. ~ $35


Benefits of Care

After some time in care, one starts to notice an expanded sense of ease in their system. A person becomes more connected in their body through the work. There is a greater sense of body wisdom which shows up as congruent action in ones life. You start to notice more of who you wish to BE. People talk about becoming more compassionate and loving.

Our clinical research shows a positive change in people's physical well being, emotional/mental well being, greater capacity to handle stress in life, increased life enjoyment and increased quality of life. The benefits exist in the relationship of low force care and quality of life. 

These effects are measurable in the office as you progress in care. As practitioners, we are confident that as your spine changes so will your life experience. 

Greater Physical Health

91.3% of Practice Members have had significant physical changes

  • Less Pain

  • Less Headaches

  • Less Fatigue

  • Less Stiffness

  • Less Colds and Flu

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

87% of Practice Members have had significant changes mentally and emotionally

  • Less Critical feelings toward self

  • Greater acceptance of others

  • Decreased experience of fear

  • Less Anxiety

  • Less Depression

  • Decreased Moodiness

  • Less emotional outburst

Better Overall Quality of Life

78.3% of Practice Members report their overall quality of life has improved

  • Greater satisfaction with personal life

  • More satisfaction with significant other

  • Happiness with personal appearance

  • Greater contentment with life

  • More satisfied with romantic life

More Life Enjoyment

82.6% of Practice Members have transformed their life and are having a significantly better life

  • Increased positive feelings about self

  • Greater confidence

  • Greater experience of relaxation

  • More Ease/ Enhanced experiences of well being

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