Are you suffering from depression, back pain, general body pain, headaches, fatigue, anxiety? Are you looking to improve your general physical and mental wellbeing? Are you looking for an alternative, holistic approach to healing?

I help people who are ready to revitalize and transform their life by improving their body, with ease, so they can have the vital energy to be the healthiest they have ever been and become the person they have always wanted to BE. 

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Evolutionary Personal Care 


Self Care with Breath and Focus

Evolutionary Personal Care is a simple, effective and safe technology that invites a person to put their hands on their body and breathe, while engaging the nervous system. This work is powerful, inside the nervous system and for spine health, because it engages your nervous system to develop new patterns of firing. Developing these skills allows a persons neural network to become more efficient and perceive reality with greater clarity. 

This work can be done in a group setting or one-on-one. In person or in a digital setting. 

Pricing: Private one on one session 45 minutes $50 

              Group of 5 or more $20/ per person

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Integral Neurology


Retraining the Nervous System

How can we keep our nervous system healthy? Through a series of gentle contacts on the spine, with breath and focus, we will access the ease in the body while retraining the nervous system. Working with this energy and moving it through the body, allows for you to find parts of your spine that you may not have realized are numb to your conscious experience. Building the skills to find your body will initiate a greater capacity to feel your body, which opens the pathways of healing. Spine health is the NOW of holistic healthcare. Integral Neurology will help to lay the groundwork for greater body wisdom, and a more graceful experience in life. This is dynamic work. You will integrate it in your body and nervous system, with real time, permanent new skills for living life and being back in the drivers seat of  YOUR wellness.

This work is performed at the studio with regular visits for a healthy spine


Initial Consult: Complimentary 

Assessment: $75

Re-Assessments: $40

Entrainment: $45

Entrainment for Children, Seniors (65+): $30


Small ~ 60 Entrainments

Medium ~100 Entrainments

Large ~150 Entrainments

Child/ Senior (70+) ~ 100 Entrainments

Call for Special Package Pricing

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Vital Life Coaching


Discover Your Star Player

Sometimes in life the use of verbal communication is essential in order to work through barriers. Vital Life Coaching takes a very real approach to figuring out who it is your are and who it is you wish to become. Talking things out can assist a person to really move forward and take action. Healing is a unique journey for us all and this wellness coaching compliments the experience.
What is your Primary Aim in life? Let's find out your purpose and dive deep into it. This coaching is for those eager for real change. This work can be done over the phone, Zoom or In person. There will be work for you and three 45- 60 minute coaching sessions. 

Price: $500

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Self Care for All

Reiki energy healing, hands on/off healing, promotes deep relaxation that gives your body the opportunity to heal on many levels. Traditional Japanese Reiki sessions help to promote wellness and stems from a spiritual practice on the Reiki practitioners part. It can be performed on oneself, on another person or child, or on pets, plants, food, medicine, or practically anything around you. Hands may be placed on or slightly above the recipient in various positions. This is a beautiful self care practice that calms the nervous system and a facet holistic healthcare 


Reiki healing sessions have been shown to ease pain, promote a healthy nervous system, anxiety and depression relief and decrease muscle tension. 

60 minute Sessions ~ $85

Child (12 and under) 30 min. ~ $35

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