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Just Polishing Stars Over Here...

Are you READY to SHINE?

Hello, I'm Melissa Moon a Certified ELAN Healing Facilitator and Reiki Practitioner and I help people who are ready to revitalize and transform their life by improving their body, with ease, so that they can have the vital energy to be healthier than they have ever been and become the person they want to BE. 

You are here because…

  • You know there is something more for your life but lack the clarity to make a real decision.

  • You want to be healthier, happier and find more joy, but you are zapped of energy.

  • Your body hurts and you don’t know why.

  • The stress of life is catching up with you.

  • You are craving more creativity and productivity.

  • You are ready to take responsibility for your life.

  • Fear and anxiety flood your mind and body.

  • Your overall quality of life is suffering, and you are ready to change that.

  • You are ready to feel the full effect of a meaningful, successful and fulfilled life.

Evolutionary Personal Care

Let me guess…

  • You need better tools to manage and ditch the stress.

  • You let your fears and anxiety get the best of you.

  • If so, you are not alone.

  • Your gut is telling you what you need, but your mind makes it hard to hear yourself clearly.

  • Indecision and lack of boundaries are keeping you stuck

  • Life is just passing you by and that leaves you unfulfilled. You just know there is more to who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

  • You are searching for more love and compassion for yourself.

  • You are ready to share your passion unapologetically with the world.

How would you feel if…?

I told you that all the answers you need exist right here inside of you and the real work is found in your willingness to become more connected within.


So many of us just settle for an ordinary existence, hiding our gifts from the world, with no energy but to do the bare minimum to get by.


Well, you have the personal power inside of you to make the choice of living an extraordinary life together with #alltheotherthings that create health and wealth.


So, the question is …. How do I access #alltheotherthings…?


“How DO I feel better in my body?”


“How DO I become the person I have always wanted to BE?”


At Moon Healing Studio, I’m going to show you exactly how to finally step into the driver’s seat of your life.


I’ve been where you are, and I also know what is possible.


I went from feeling powerless in my life and letting my body just happen to me, and then I developed the clarity and ease I needed for my health, my healing and what I wanted for my life.


You don’t make real change in your life by show up and be consistent. Then watch everything be different. 

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Moon Healing Studio is a place of calm, restoring energy where you can be your authentic self. Melissa is a healing magician. Her work is life changing. I am fortunate to call Melissa a dear friend and blessed to have experienced the benefits of her powerful energy. I have strengthened my own body wisdom, allowed for more self compassion, and most importantly stepped into my coat of Confidence ✨ to recognize only a few results. I am thankful for innovative leaders like Melissa for paving the way and sharing their incredible gifts! You are gem! Thank you 💜 

Jaime F, 7/2020

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"I've been seeing Melissa Moon for about 6 weeks with 3 entrainments a week. In the beginning, I didn't really know what to expect, but I just went with the flow and did as told. Within the 3rd week of seeing Melissa, things really started to appear in my everyday life. (First session there was a detailed form to fill out that helps you see where you are in your whole being). My results so far, that I have noticed is that; my cognitive thinking has become clearer, I am more patient, understanding, happier, my personal life has blossomed, more energized and I have dropped so much tension EVERYWHERE. I got a friend hooked on it and plan to continue going to see Melissa."

Heather Hentschel 5/2020

Integral Neurology


  • You are sick and tired of that lost feeling you have in your life. You just know there is more to discover, and you are ready to figure that out.

  • Need a proven roadmap so that you can finally ditch the stress and tension TO HAVE THE ENERGY to make better, healthier and more congruent action in your life.

  • Desire to be back in the driver’s seat of your life with a renewed sense of clarity. It’s the time for you step into your power and innate intelligence for your own unique journey.

  • You are ready to reprogram your nervous system and get out of a continual sympathetic response, which stifles productivity and creative energy for the things you genuinely want to work on.

  • Your body hurts and it is time for that to change. You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

  • A greater sense of connection and community is important for you to increase your quality of life.

  • Finally feel safe enough to feel your body and your feelings so that you are full on, turned on for life.

  • Be so in LOVE with yourself, your choices, and your ability to move life forward with ease, purpose, passion and the confidence to make it all happen.

chakra awaken.jpg
Vital Life Coaching


              I help people who are ready to revitalize and transform their life by improving their body, with ease, so that they have the vital energy to be healthier than they have ever been and become the person they have always wanted to BE.


In this powerful, highly connected coaching program, we will build an inner connection foundation for your mind, body, and soul, so that you can start getting clear with yourself and begin the healing journey that has been waiting for you. I will help teach you and your body the skills for reprograming your nervous system, influencing your physiology and perception, so that YOU can experience life in a new, transformational way.


I will also teach you how easy it is to pay attention to your inner wisdom and innate intelligence that is there for YOU and YOUR LIFE. You know what you need for optimal health and healing, so let’s turn that volume WAY up.


I break it all down so that the process is overflowing with safety, ease and grace as you rediscover who you are and all the potential you possess.


Melissa is a natural healer. Her beautiful space, calming energy, and precise ability to see you clearly, will guide you into the deepest part of yourself. You'll leave her space feeling more grounded, present and safe in the body you have. Working with Melissa gave me an incredible sense of inner peace which positively influenced my family, my work life and my world. I highly recommend working with her for a direct and potent route to healing.

Erin Alexander, 2/2020

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Melissa, besides having a great name, runs an excellent studio. Everything is clean and professional, she is very comfortable to be around.
I thought I would receive physical healing but I released emotion in big ways. It was unexpected and very powerful. I'm so grateful she was part of my healing team I didn't know how desperate I needed.
Thank you for doing what you do. You change lives 💜

Melissa Ann Scharlach, 7/2020

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A proven, result driven Wellness Coaching program…


  • Clarity around Care: Open discussion about life, health and wellness as it occurs and then setting the goals for what you want to see for care. Plus, you fill out Quality of Life Assessments to track healing progress. 

  • Neurological Assessments: It is all about dropping tension, repatterning the stress, increasing ease and having more breath through the spine, central nervous system and muscles that support.

  • Vital Life Coaching: Sometimes we just need to talk it out and be open to what is organically showing up in your body and life.  

  • Entrainments: This is the work and getting on the table is where the magic happens as you get connected inside of your body with breath, focus, presence and movement.

  • Evolutionary Personal Care (EPC): Essential, self-care tools that you can take out into your everyday, flow of life.

  • BONUS: Favorite I AM affirmations and guidance for healing from the inside out.


Less Force More Ease.png


  • You will get CRYSTAL CLEAR inside of your spine, your life and the person you have always wanted to BE. VIBRANT LIFE HERE I COME!

  • You’ll have the skills to drop tension inside your body, so that you FEEL BETTER, DITCHING THE STRESS, and have more energy to be creative and productive in life.

  • You will develop the confidence to know that you can BE, DO and HAVE the life of your dreams. YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • You’ll go from feeling adrift, stressed, in pain and disconnected to happier, motivated, relaxed and inspired about YOUR life.

  • You will reawaken and fall in love with yourself and your gift for the world. ABUNDANTLY OVERFLOWING WITH GRACE AND EASE

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"I love Melissa's work. My body looks forward to our sessions each week. 


Melissa offers a clear and directive container for breath to inhabit my body more fully, gently challenging it to expand beyond its typical patterns. 


Our time together offers sacred time with my body, and the effect is a powerful energetic shift of my entire system.  


Entrainments are coaching my mind to coordinate with my body and breath in new ways that empower me to channel prana with purpose and direction throughout my body.  This is life force education, and breath is the most powerful bridge for it."


Andrea Spacek, Transformational Coach 12/2020



Melissa Moon, the owner of Moon Healing Studio, has created a safe, healing space for individuals to come together collectively in finding their own unique path to health and wholeness. Conscious, healing breath offers the opportunity for greater connection within one’s own body, mind and Soul. This work encourages that all people can create deeper love and compassion on the inside, so that it can be expressed and shared locally and globally.

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