Misty Slope


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ELAN is wellness coaching and an alternative healing modality that has a primary focus on personal growth, spine health, nervous system health, healing and wellbeing


I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety prior to working with Melissa. I also came to her with a few challenges physically - limited mobility in certain areas of my body and a desire to create more range of motion and reduce pain in areas that have historically been problematic for me.


I have learned so much working with Melissa. One of the things that I’ve found most profound in our coaching is connecting my breath to my posture. I didn’t realize how disconnected I was in certain areas of my spine- how hard it was for me to connect my mind to certain areas of my body.


This body awareness has been really helpful in moving these emotions through me, rather than them getting stuck in my body. Its a process and I am still learning how to connect even further to these subtle sensations, but Melissa’s guidance and coaching with this has been instrumental in my mental health.


If you struggle with physical pain or difficult emotions, know that this work isn’t a ‘quick fix’ but it will support you in greater longevity, deeper release of difficult emotions, and reduction of pain through awareness of your entire body. I would say, Melissa is a powerful and gentle practitioner who guides you with such intentional awareness and presence, you will be in the such gifted and safe hands. This work truly makes a difference ‘outside’ of care, making the take-home value of working with Melissa impossible to quantify. 

Hailey K.  3/2021

Melissa is a natural healer. Her beautiful space, calming energy, and precise ability to see you clearly, will guide you into the deepest part of yourself. You'll leave her space feeling more grounded, present and safe in the body you have. Working with Melissa gave me an incredible sense of inner peace which positively influenced my family, my work life and my world. I highly recommend working with her for a direct and potent route to healing.

Erin A.  2/2020

Melissa, besides having a great name, runs an excellent studio. Everything is clean and professional, she is very comfortable to be around.
I thought I would receive physical healing but I released emotion in big ways. It was unexpected and very powerful. I'm so grateful she was part of my healing team I didn't know how desperate I needed.
Thank you for doing what you do. You change lives 💜

Melissa Ann S.  7/2020

"I've been seeing Melissa Moon for about 6 weeks with 3 entrainments a week. In the beginning, I didn't really know what to expect, but I just went with the flow and did as told. Within the 3rd week of going to N-FLO, seeing Melissa, things really started to appear in my everyday life. (First session there was a detailed form to fill out that helps you see where you are in your whole being). My results so far, that I have noticed is that; my cognitive thinking has become clearer, I am more patient, understanding, happier, my personal life has blossomed, more energized and I have dropped so much tension EVERYWHERE. I got a friend hooked on it and plan to continue going to see Melissa."

Heather H. 5/2020