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ELAN is wellness coaching and an alternative healing modality that has a primary focus on personal growth, spine health, nervous system health, healing and wellbeing


Moon Healing Studio is a place of calm, restoring energy where you can be your authentic self. Melissa is a healing magician. Her work is life changing. I am fortunate to call Melissa a dear friend and blessed to have experienced the benefits of her powerful energy. I have strengthened my own body wisdom, allowed for more self compassion, and most importantly stepped into my coat of Confidence ✨ to recognize only a few results. I am thankful for innovative leaders like Melissa for paving the way and sharing their incredible gifts! You are gem! Thank you 💜

Jamie Foehr  7/2020

Melissa is a natural healer. Her beautiful space, calming energy, and precise ability to see you clearly, will guide you into the deepest part of yourself. You'll leave her space feeling more grounded, present and safe in the body you have. Working with Melissa gave me an incredible sense of inner peace which positively influenced my family, my work life and my world. I highly recommend working with her for a direct and potent route to healing.

Erin Alexander, 2/2020

Melissa, besides having a great name, runs an excellent studio. Everything is clean and professional, she is very comfortable to be around.
I thought I would receive physical healing but I released emotion in big ways. It was unexpected and very powerful. I'm so grateful she was part of my healing team I didn't know how desperate I needed.
Thank you for doing what you do. You change lives 💜

Melissa Ann Scharlach, 7/2020

"I've been going to N-FLO and seeing Melissa Moon for about 6 weeks with 3 entrainments a week. In the beginning, I didn't really know what to expect, but I just went with the flow and did as told. Within the 3rd week of going to N-FLO, seeing Melissa, things really started to appear in my everyday life. (First session there was a detailed form to fill out that helps you see where you are in your whole being). My results so far, that I have noticed is that; my cognitive thinking has become clearer, I am more patient, understanding, happier, my personal life has blossomed, more energized and I have dropped so much tension EVERYWHERE. I got a friend hooked on it and plan to continue going to see Melissa."

Heather Hentschel 5/2020

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